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On the 11th Day of Christmas Savings...

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Once Upon A Fiesta gave to me...


$2,000 ALL-You-Can Décor!!


"Do it BIG, do it RIGHT, & do it with STYLE!"

Your wedding is one of the biggest days in your life! For most of us, it is a day that we have looked forward to since we were very young, and a day that we will continue to look back to for the rest of our lives! We here at Once Upon A Fiesta, Inc. want to help you make it the grandest most amazing day ever!!!

Soooo... we sat down and came up with this crazy good deal... THE ALL YOU CAN DÉCOR DEAL!!!

This deal is the perfect deal for anyone wanting to go BIG!! And it is exactly what it sounds like... come in and take as many rentals as you need and like- ALL in one package deal of $2,000 plus tax.* This is especially good for larger sized parties! Need pipe and drape? How about uplighting? Ceiling draping? Full tableware sets? Chairs and Tables? Yep! Those are included too! If it's in stock currently, you can add it to your package! It really is that simple! 


What's Included in this package:

- Rentals for 50- 250 guest count!!! Having a small guest count or a rather large one! No problem! Take what you need! It's the same price!

- Specialty linens- want to have sequin linens everywhere? Prefer satin or burlap? How about Damask? Yep! It's included!

- Centerpieces- pick from 5 of our centerpiece styles, or see if we can customize your very own- that, too, is included!

- Pipe and Drape, backdrops, ceiling draping etc.

- Uplighting

- Folding tables and chairs

- Tableware Set- Big & small porcelain plates, chargers, champagne flutes, wine goblets, stainless steel silverware, fabric napkins, etc.

- Varied signs and table numbers

- Red carpets, greek pillars, and other miscellaneous decor

- chafing dishes, serving utensils, beverage dispensers

- cake cutting and serving set, gift boxes, and other decor accessories

- And much much more!

Now through Dec. 31st get in on this amazing deal at this discounted price <3 


Regular price after Dec. 31st, 2018- We don't even know! It's just that good! This deal will NOT be available after Dec. 31st.

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