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On the 10th Day of Christmas Savings...

Day 10.jpg

Once Upon A Fiesta gave to me...


FREE Display/ Dummy Cake with the purchase of any of our specialty cakes!


"Good cake isn't Cheap... Cheap cake isn't good!"

Just saying! Everybody loves cake... or at least the great majority of people do- that's why it's unimaginable to not have cake at a special event... But let's face it, most of the time we are all excited to eat the cake and it ends up tasting like a cardboard box! Yuck! Or maybe our favorite cake can't be made into a fabulous display cake because the consistency isn't properly suited for a tall beautiful tiered cake... and so we end up compromising taste for presentation and affordability...


We propose to you that you can in fact have your cake and eat it too! With our Display/Dummy cakes you can have a beautiful faux cake on display with an actual real tier of cake that you can use for the photographic portion of the event, &/ or to save for your anniversary (if that's what you're into)... and in the back pre-cut and ready to go our beautifully presented and always delicious gourmet layered cake! You get the display cake of your choice completely free with your order of any of our specialty cakes! So there you have it: gorgeous presentation, exquisite taste, and of course, all at a great price!


What's Included in this package:

- Complimentary cake tastings! Schedule a tasting today to sample from 5 of our most popular flavors!

- Our Gourmet Cake priced our by person at $5.75 the slice/person

- Display cake of your choice from our beautiful collection or bring in a photo of your dream cake and we may just custom make it for you!

Now through Dec. 31st get in on this amazing deal at this discounted price <3 


Regular price after Dec. 31st, 2018- Starting at $250

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