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On the 3rd Day of Christmas Savings...

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Once Upon A Fiesta gave to me...


$75 DIY Complete Candy/ Sweets Table Decor Rental Package!!


"Wedding Candy Buffets or Sweets stations are a big hit with guests, they are easy to personalize, and the best part? They can double as décor and triple as favors! Definitely a win-win-win!."

Candy stations are sooo beautiful but can get expensive when you are having to buy all of the decor elements to make one... a single apothecary jar can run you about $40! But don't worry! You won't have to skip out on the candy table with this amazing deal! You provide the goodies (candy, sweets, cupcakes, etc.) and we provide the rest! This deal is awesome because you can come into our showroom and design your very own candy table using whatever you please: 

- you pick your specialty linen

- your choice or apothecary jars, vases, stands, chocolate fountain, etc. 

- a nice sign to decorate the table

- and a beautiful decor element which you can pick from candelabras, floral arrangements, glass vases and more! 

- we snap a photo of your candy table mock up and have it all packed and ready for you to pick up, up to 3 days before your event... with the convenience that you already designed it at our shop and have a photo of exactly how it will look like and how it will all be placed the day of your event! 

Now through Dec. 31st get in on this sweet deal at this discounted price <3 


Regular price after Dec. 31st, 2018- $150

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