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On the 9th Day of Christmas Savings...

Day 09- buffet.jpg

Once Upon A Fiesta gave to me...


$650 Buffet manager!!


"Want to sit back, relax and enjoy your party without worrying about the drink that was spilled on table number 4, the roasted chicken being served cold, or replenishing the iced tea from the beverage dispenser? or how about the embarrassing scenario where food runs out before all of your guests are served? Oh and all of this without breaking the bank? Very well... Then our buffet manager is just what you need!"

We offer what is called a Buffet Manager. A Buffet Manager is exactly what it sounds like and a tad bit more! The Buffet Manager is the staff... the hands and feet that will come in 2 hours before your event and set up and prepare your buffet and all you have to do is make sure you've appointed someone - a family member or vendor- to deliver your food HOT and ON TIME to us 1 hour before your event starts. Yes, that's right, we will manage your cuisine for you regardless of where it comes from- home made or from your favorite restaurant! We can offer suggestions on some local favorite restaurants that we work with that have delivered, time and time again, hot, fresh and tasty food.  Now your $500 food investment looks like a $2500 buffet because your “Buffet Manager” is there to take care of everything instead of you so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your guests. 


What's Included in this package:

- Servers who will:

   * Arrive a minimum of 2 hours before event

   * Setup & prepare buffet area including but not limited to; buffet table linens and skirts, chafing dishes, chafing fuel, serving utensils,

      beverage dispensers, coffee station, etc. 

   * Ensure Bride & Groom and/or guests of honor are given priority care

   * Portion and ration out food for guests to ensure everyone gets a serving before offering seconds

   * Ensure all vendors are taken care off

   * Clear out tableware from tables after everyone has eaten

   * Place used tableware in designated area:

         if disposable, in the trash/ if china & glass following the pre-arranged procedure including wiping and rinsing tableware, etc. 

   * Cut and serve your cake

   * Chill and pour your formal toasting beverage (bring us your champagne)

   * Brew and manage your Coffee Bar (bring us your coffee, creamer and sugar)

   * Set-up the non-alcoholic beverage station (bring us the lemonade and ice tea and we will put it in our beautiful beverage dispensers)

Now through Dec. 31st get in on this amazing deal at this discounted price <3 


Regular price after Dec. 31st, 2018- $950

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